Medieval Memes

Medieval Memes #6

Medieval Meme, Fortuna, Wheel, They See Me Rolling They Hating
How didn’t I think of that meme before?!?!

I introduce you… Domna Fortuna.

Which allows me to micro-blog on my use of ‘Domna’ here instead of ‘Domina’, which would be the proper Latin word for it.

Have you ever heard of “lexical renewal”? Yeah, that’s a process that involves ALL languages.

Words tend to be spoken. That is a fact.

As they get used, they slowly morph. It can happen in many ways. A word too short will become longer. A word a tad too long will be shortened. Words that totally lost their primary meaning will be utterly replaced.

The Latin word for ‘sun’ was ‘sol’. It was too short and could easily be confused with other words on the long run. Therefore, a diminutive was added to give ‘solellus’ (which basically means ‘little sun’). It later gave ‘soleil’ in French (see, it was shortened here!).

The word ‘caput’, meaning ‘head’, progressively lost its primary meaning and was slowly replaced by ‘testa’ (a kind of jar). It gave ‘tête’ in French.

Fun fact, nowadays we use ‘tête’ in French to describe many things beyond a physical and bodily head. We come up with new words to describe it such as ‘tronche’, ‘trogne’ or ‘gueule’. Those are very familiar words but such was also ‘testa’ in Latin at first!

‘Domina’ belonged to the words that were shortened and gave ‘domna’ (a word already used by native Latin speakers in the 1st century AD). It would later turn into ‘doña’ in Spanish or ‘dame’ in French.

Latin had little use of possessive articles such a ‘my’ or ‘mine’. They became very common though for later European languages since the declinations fell out of use. Therefore ‘domina mea’ gave way to ‘madame’ or… ‘madonna’!

Didn’t you just learn something cool?

Lingua Franca Moderna

Bob Squarepants Medieval Meme. Nobody Cares.
Paris, BnF, MS fr. 137, f. 57r.

Lingua Franca Obsoleta

Bob Squarepants Medieval Meme. Nobody Cares. Latin.
Paris, BnF, MS fr. 137, f. 57r.

Black Death Lockdown Be Like

Pet problems medieval edition, medieval meme, birth of Alexander the Great
London, British Library, Royal MS 15 E VI, f. 6r.

Only AoE2 Players Will Get It

Medieval Meme. Age of Meme. Wild Boar. Gaia. Age of Empires 2.
Brussels, KBR, MS 15652-56, f. 2v.

Drop A Like For This Blogpost!

Medieval Meme. Venus. Hearts. Likes. Social Media.
Coligny, Fond. Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 49, f. 20v
Medieval Memes

Medieval Memes #5

Go Home! You’re Drunk!

Medieval Meme. Drunk Angel
Lausane, University Library, U. 964, f. 10v.

Anxiety? What Anxiety?

Medieval Meme. Facing Unemployment
Paris, BnF, fr. 12399, f. 24r.

A Regular Day for a Historian

Medieval Meme. Dismantling Fake News
[Right] Paris, Arsenal, MS 5060, f. 242r [Left] Paris, BnF, fr. 2608, f. 381r

Awkwardness Can Be Cute, Right?

Medieval Meme. An Awkward Introduction
Paris, BnF, fr. 1303, f. 49v.

Posh Meme

Medieval Meme. Logical Contradictions
Los Angeles, Getty Museum, MS 46, f. 61v.

Feminism 101

Medieval Meme. Feminism
Paris, BnF, lat. 9473, f. 190r.

The True Origin of the Bagpipe

Medieval Meme. The Origin of the Bagpipe
Paris, BnF, lat. 9473, f. 165v

Battling Rape Like a Saint

Medieval Meme. Battling Rape
Paris, BnF, lat. 9473, f. 165v.

When I Can’t Browse Manuscripts…

Medieval Meme. Martyrdom
Paris, BnF, lat. 9474, f. 179v.

Never Give Me A Compliment

Medieval Meme. Compliments
London, British Library, Add. 18850, f. 22r.