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Hi people!

Welcome to my blog and personal little corner of the internet.

If you landed on that page it means you were looking for something to read. Congratulations, your quest ends here. Maybe you typed in “What should I read next?” into Google and clicked on my blog on purpose. Maybe it was all an accident, you were looking for something else but you feel embarassed now and you’re granting me a second or two because you don’t want to look rude.


On my blog you’ll find Long Reads and Short Reads depending how much time you have on your hands. Most of what I write is non-fiction and most of what I write also deals with the Middle Ages. I never grew out of my fascination for old castles, knights in shining armors and colourful princesses. I originally studied the medieval era because I wanted to write historical or fantasy novels and thought that chronicles of old would prove to be a useful source of inspiration.

Not only that, but those old chronicles are actually more entertaining than 99% of the fantasy and historical novels you’ll find out there. Some of them are even contained in lavish manuscripts full of splendid illuminations. I never get tired of perusing them online. For more on that, head up to the “To Watch” of my blog.

The main chunk of my blogposts are original contributions of mine to the AskHistorians subreddit. That’s why they are sometimes very situational. I charged myself with the task of answering very specific questions. It doesn’t make up for effective clickbaits or mainstream blogposts. As a matter of fact, this blogpost isn’t build for fame or to gain any kind of money. This is nothing but a hobby of mine.

Being a regular contributor to the AskHistorians community I earned a “flair” that defines what I write about the best: Medieval Warfare and Culture, Historiography and Joan of Arc. You’ll find those topics to be useful tags on my blog if you want to focus only on one them. The Hundred Years’ War and Medieval Politics in general are also topics I deal with successfully.

Beyond my AH contributions, this blog also harbours a Varia of posts.

I launched a Who’s Who thread of blogpost to talk about some historical grand figures of the Late Middle Ages. Those posts don’t serve as short biographies but more as reminders.

I also started this blog with the intent to write a lot more about Age of Empires 2 than I ended up doing. I may still write about the 20 years old well-loved videogame, so make sure to check the Age of Empires 2 tag once in a while if you’re thirsty for that kind of content.

Then, last but not least, I write what I call “hot takes” which are spontaneous blogposts. I came accross something that enticed, shocked or enthrilled me and I couldn’t keep myself from writing about it.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and spend a good time around here. Make sure to leave a like or a comment!