To Watch

Hi people!

Welcome to my blog and personal little corner of the internet.

If you landed on that page it means you were looking for something to watch. Congratulations, your quest ends here. Maybe you typed in “What should I watch next?” into Google and clicked on my blog on purpose. Maybe it was all an accident, you were looking for something else but you feel embarassed now and you’re granting me a second or two because you don’t want to look rude.


On my blog you’ll find Medieval Memes, a best of Manuscript Illuminations and some Videos.

My home-made medieval memes fall into three categories or “tags”: lighthearted foolery, template subversion and contemporary satire. Do those tags actually mean anything? Maybe not. It merely helps me to differenciate what I’m addressing through my memes.

The sole fact that I’m baking my own batch of medieval memes implies that I spend a lot of my free time perusing medieval manuscripts online, looking at gorgeous, absurd or intriguing illuminations. Though I like to turn some of them into memes, more often than not their beauty speak for itself. I generally share four types of illuminations: frontispieces, miniatures, lettrines and marginalias.


I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and spend a good time around here. Make sure to leave a like or a comment!